Squishy Productions is excited to announce we are in negotiations to produce official merchandise for Valiance Online. A new super hero themed MMO coming out next year. :D

I’m just gonna leave this here.

Been a while since we came out with some new Cubee plushies. Which animals would YOU like to see transformed into a soft adorable cube?

Also we’re looking for ideas for what to put on our next round of new pillows and DS Cases. All ideas are welcome!

Working on a series of stories called Pirate Tails. They’ll be a call back to 90s Disney cartoons like Gargoyles and Duck Tails starring an anthropomorphic crew of not terribly competent pirates lead by Captain Felix. An ex-aristocrat turned tea swilling pirate. They’ll sail through space on their wooden pirate ship looking for treasure and misadventure.

rawrsaurusrawrs Asked: Hey there! I was the one who won the Growlithe auction on ebay. I was wondering if there was anyway I could possibly donate more?

Sure, send whatever you want to the paypal Squishyproductions@hotmail.com with a notation stating that this is for the Anna Shelter charity drive. :) And thank you so much!!

Iguanamouth Donation

The hilarious and extremely talented Iguanamouth has forgone bidding on our shiny growlith cubee charity auction and has instead donated directly to us. Her money will be added to the sum we receive from the auction when we send it to The Anna Shelter. A no kill animal shelter here in Erie,PA.

The auction has but one day left and can be found here http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=331263491326


All pillows available on our storenvy shop. XD


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